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Bradburn Corporation has the most efficient, best trained, knowledgeable, and safety conscious personnel in the demolition industry.

Founded by Kenneth L. Bradburn, Bradburn Wrecking has evolved from a single pick-up truck and a few hand tools to a demolition company that has successfully completed projects nationally across the United States, but our home has always been and will always be Wichita, Kansas. Kenneth had a 3rd shift job in the 1950’s at the Coleman Company in Wichita. Wanting to be his own boss he was always interested in demolition from his earlier days in the Army. He took on his first garage project against the wishes of his mother. Three days later he turned the small garage demolition project into a profitable venture by selling all the lumber from the job and making more than he earned at Coleman all month. Soon he moved into larger projects, buying his first piece of equipment, hiring employees, and forming Bradburn Wrecking Company. Kenneth Bradburn cleared the way for most of the growth in Wichita and the State of Kansas, as well Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa throughout the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  

After Kenneth’s passing in 1992, his son, Darren Bradburn, took the company into a growth and expansion period that continues today. Darren’s safety, perfectionism, and leadership are the hallmarks that have ensured Bradburn’s continued growth and success. 

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We work on dozens of projects a year. Here are a couple of our larger ones and a few details on each.


High School 2020

Remove sections of the old school to make room for new renovations. Careful cutting separated the removed sections from what remained.


Airport 2018

Demolish the old Mid-Continent terminals without damaging any infrastructure of Eisenhower Airport. It took 1,225 semi loads of dirt to fill the basement.

Exchange Place

Exchange Place, Bitting Building, Michigan Building, & Lerner Building 2015-2016

Bradburn Corporation was part of the renovation of the 200 block of East Douglas. We removed the  Michigan & Lerner buildings, and completed remediation and removal of the interior of Exchange Place and the Bitting Building.

McConnell Air Force Base

KC135 Tanker Hanger 2014

We removed the KC135 Tanker Hanger and 7 additional buildings.


Stadium 2019

Demolition of the historic baseball stadium in 2019 was completed in just 42 days.

Wichita Eagle

Newspaper 2018

Remove old printing presses, remediation and removal of of 250K sq ft.


Through the years we have helped create and change the face of Wichita. This slideshow shows some of the buildings we have worked on or torn down over the years. We own our demolition photos, but the historic building photos are from

  • Innes/Macy's Building

    The Innes/Macy’s building went through a major renovation in 1992 when we removed 300,000 sq ft of the interior and it became the SRS building

  • Union National Back & Dockum Drug

    Bradburn Corporation removed the 121,000 square feet of interior of the Union National Bank (and the historic Dockum Drug) to make way for the boutique Ambassador Hotel in 2011-2012

  • Lassen Hotel

    A major remodel in 1985 kept us busy at the old Lassen Hotel

  • Keen Kutter

    Bradburn Corporation helped stabilize the old Keen Kutter hardware store as it was renovated into the Hotel at Oldtown in 1999

  • The Forum was demolished in 1965 to make way for Century II

  • We stripped the interior of the historic Eaton hotel to make way for apartments in 2000

  • The Coronado Hotel was demolished in 1974

  • The Coleman Company main plant was a multi story demolition of 175,000 sqft in 2011

  • The Allis Hotel was imploded on a cold December morning in 1995

  • We tore down the old Rector’s Books (Michigan Building), and the Lerner Building. We did a strip out of the Bitting Building and the Exchange Place in 2015 to make way for new apartments

  • We removed the old presses and tore down The Wichita Eagle building to make way for the new Cargill headquarters in 2018

  • Western-Lithograph was torn down in 1972

  • Interior of Western Iron which Bradburn demolished in 1983

  • Demolished the Riverside Boathouse in 1968

  • Removed the Municipal Swimming Pool (Riverside)  in 1972

  • Drive in Theatres
  • Crest Theatre

    Demolition of the Crest Theatre at Douglas & Oliver

  • Crest Theatre

    The back side of the Crest Theatre while it is being demolished

  • Bradburn Corporation demolished the Midtown Holiday Inn on North Broadway in 1991

  • Demolished the Mid-Continent Airport in 2018 which was replaced with Eisenhower Airport

  • Demolishing the hanger for the KC-135 refueling tankers to make way for the KC-46 Pegasus

  • Andover High School

    Removing 270,000 sq ft of the old Andover High School after the new one was built in 2020

  • Koch Industries in Downtown Wichita
  • Motor Equipment Building

    Demolition of the Motor Equipment Building in 1966

  • Southwest Cracker Company

    What’s left of the Southwest Cracker Company, demolished in 1965

  • Old Work Trucks

    Work trucks at the job site of Furniture Warehouse & Dolesee Brothers 1974

  • Catholic Church of the Magdalen

    The interior of the sanctuary of the Church of the Magdalen has been removed 4/27/2002

  • Catholic Church of the Magdalen

    The support structure of the lower level of the Church of the Magdalen has been removed and the upper structure has fallen in the same shape it was. 2002

  • Meadow Lark Drive-In
  • Runway Demolition

    Removing 1.5 million square feet of 24″ thick runway in 1994

Coleman Factory

Video by Andrew Cramb via YouTube

Industry Leader

Bradburn Corporation is the leader in the industry. Since 1959 we have had generations of growth and success, and are ready for your small and large projects.

Wichita, Kansas

P.O. Box 234
Wichita, Kansas 67201-0234